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  • Company Update July 2020

    01 - 07 - 2020 | Capital Match Singapore

    With the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Capital Match team has been fully committed to ensure that interest of our trusted partners and investors are protected. With that in mind, Capital Match has taken several key measures to address important feedback that has been provided during the past months.

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  • Company Update February 2020

    10 - 02 - 2020 | Capital Match Singapore

    2019 has been a year of great change for Capital Match. The merger with SESAMi Holding, one of Singapore's largest e-Procurement Platform, at the tail end of 2018 has brought along hugely positive impact to Capital Match.

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  • CIMB Bank Singapore Partners SESAMi-Capital Match to Bring Cost-effective E-supply Chain Financing Solutions to the Supplier Community

    14 - 11 - 2019 | CIMB Bank Singapore | Yahoo News!

    CIMB Bank Berhad, Singapore branch (CIMB) today announced its collaboration with SESAMi Holding and Capital Match, to finance the SESAMi trading community's invoices digitally under an automated workflow.

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  • Supply Chain Finance: Trends, Challenges and Questions for 2019

    09 - 05 - 2019 | Will Moody | Supply Chain Brain

    The factoring industry is in need of a facelift. While the concept of selling unpaid invoices to someone who has the cash up-front has been around for centuries, modern-day financial services present companies with a slew of different options to access capital.

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  • Factoring Finds A New Face As The Bridge To Bank Loans

    24 - 04 - 2019 | PYMNTS

    The factoring industry is in need of a facelift. While the concept of selling unpaid invoices to someone who has the cash up-front has been around for centuries, modern-day financial services present companies with a slew of different options to access capital.

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  • Have we reached 'Peak Supply Chain Finance?'

    27 - 03 - 2019 | Scfasia | tfageeks

    With so many new fintech start-ups in the supplier finance arena, some observers see a risk of overcrowding as the newer players jostle against established providers and banks. As ACTS members prepare for the third annual Supply Chain Finance Forum Asia in Singapore, what might this mean for companies in the region?

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  • How machine learning can improve SME financing

    14 - 03 - 2019 | Diego Caicedo | ITProPortal

    The technology provides unique opportunities to overcome the many challenges of lending to SMEs and meet their increasing financial needs.

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  • How Invoice Financing Is Driving Singapore’s SME Growth

    07 - 02 - 2019 | Vikas Nahata | BRINK

    Small and medium-sized enterprises or SMEs are the driving force behind Singapore’s economy. They comprise 99 percent of the country’s 220,100 businesses, employ two-thirds of the workforce, and contribute 49 percent of gross domestic product.

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    03 - 01 - 2019 | Dollars and Sense

    One of the greatest misconceptions about SME financing is the notion that taking on debt is always a bad thing. Many people associate loans (aka. debt financing) with financial difficulties and cash flow problems and often assume that companies will only take up loans if they are in a poor cash position. However, this cannot be further from the truth.

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  • P2P lending can plug Southeast Asia's US$175B business finance gap

    05 - 12 - 2018 | Ajit Raikar | e27

    While P2P lending is relatively young in Southeast Asia, there is still ample room for growth

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  • SESAMi merges with Capital Match with funding from Dymon Asia, OSK Ventures

    07 - 11 - 2018 | Sainul Abudheen K | e27

    SESAMi is an e-procurement platform, whereas Capital Match is a P2P lending and SME financing platform with operations in Singapore and Hong Kong

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  • Is Fintech Replacing Banks for Small Business Lending?

    18 - 10 - 2018 | Lili Török | veem

    Over the past seven years, the approval rate of small business loan applications at big banks has almost tripled. Does that sound like good news? Well, it isn’t.

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  • The Evolution of SME Financing

    05 - 09 - 2018 | VIVIEN SHIAO | THE BUSINESS TIMES

    The need for SME financing has not changed throughout the years, but the process and options available have now altered drastically

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  • SMEs and fintech are a good mix, and here are 3 financing gaps being addressed today

    10 - 08 - 2018 | Vikas Jain | e27

    Compared to 5 years ago, SMEs in Singapore now have access to innovative financing solutions offered by fintech players

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  • No Money, No Talk - Here Are 10 Ways For S'pore Business Owners To Raise Capital

    27 - 07 - 2018 | Zafirah Salim | VULCAN POST

    Out of the vast number of small businesses that fail each year, nearly half of the entrepreneurs cite a lack of funding or working capital as the biggest reason of failure.

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  • Fintech all set to transform SME financing

    19 - 06 - 2018 | EDDIE LEE | THE BUSINESS TIMES

    THE business sentiment among Singapore's small and medium enterprises (SME) is upbeat, as the country's economy expands and productivity gains start coming in from technology investments.

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  • Cash Flow Bottlenecks Drive Supply Chains Toward Factoring

    16 - 05 - 2018 | PYMNTS

    Trade finance has evolved into an expansive market that combines supply chain finance, invoice finance and factoring, reverse factoring and a slew of other products – all aimed at ensuring that cash flows more easily through supply chains.

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  • How Supply Chain Finance Is Offering Companies A New Cash Source

    09 - 04 - 2018 | Robert Murphy | Forbes

    The pace of disruption and change in every industry today is accelerating. For many chief financial officers (CFOs), the challenge is not which projects to fund -- there are plenty of options (e.g., investing in new markets, growing product lines, launching new divisions or pursuing mergers and acquisitions) -- but where is the money to fund them going to come from?

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  • Are Singapore’s SMEs Really Prospering?

    30 - 03 - 2018 | William Hofmann | Value Champion

    With an unemployment rate of 2.1% and per capita GDP of nearly $53,000, Singapore’s economy is one of the world’s strongest. This economy is powered by small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), which make up 99% of all enterprises and employ 65% of all workers.

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  • B Capital Raises US$360m to Invest in Tech-Enabled Small Businesses


    Global venture capital firm looking to invest in entrepreneurial companies with global-first mindset

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  • Three Singapore startups raise millions in funding


    StoreHub snags US$5.1m in funds; tryb raises US$30m and Capital Match scores Series B funding

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  • Capital Match Holdings raises Series B from B Capital to take its fintech to Hong Kong

    25 - 01 - 2018 | Kevin McSpadden | e27

    Capital Match Holdings, a Singapore fintech company for invoicing finance and lending matters, announced today it has raised an oversubscribed Series B round led by B Capital Group.

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  • 4,000 jobs to be created in financial services and fintech under MAS blueprint

    30 - 10 - 2017 | TAN WEIZHEN | Todayonline

    SINGAPORE — A total of 4,000 net jobs will be created annually till 2020 in the financial services and fintech sectors as part of the industry transformation map (ITM) for financial services which was launched on Monday (Oct 30).

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  • Fintech investment in S'pore hits $83m as global deals soar

    02 - 08 - 2017 | Yasmine Yahya | The Straits Times

    Global investment in financial technology (fintech) firms more than doubled in the second quarter of the year, compared with the first quarter, to US$8.4 billion (S$11.4 billion) across 293 deals, KPMG said in a new report yesterday.

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  • 3 Ways To Free Up Cash and Grow Your Business

    27 - 07 - 2017 | Megan Totka | Small Business Trends

    Invoice factoring is becoming a major source for SMEs to have better cash flow management in the current millenia banking industry.

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  • Is Marketplace Lending a Safer Investment Than the Stock Market?

    05 - 06 - 2017 | Gary Bechtel | National Real Estate Investor

    News ways of investment from marketplace lending yields consistent and less volatile return.

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  • Singapore Marketplace Lender Capital Match Facilitates S$40M+ in Cumulative Origination

    26 - 05 - 2017 | Erin Hobey | Crowdfund Insider

    Capital Match announced that it has facilitated over S$40 million in cumulative origination since the start of its operations in 2015.

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  • SMEs can bridge financing gap with factoring

    10 - 05 - 2017 | Unknown | Vanguard

    Factoring as known as invoice financing is now a great way to help SME get financing to ease the pressure from waiting for payment.

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  • Why advisers should consider P2P

    20 - 04 - 2017 | Kevin Caley | Financial Times

    The peer to peer industry has grown at a phenomenal rate in the last decade and many have embraced it as a welcome new channel for investors to earn healthy returns on their money.

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  • Here's Everything You Should Know About Alternative Lending In Asia

    13 - 03 - 2017 | Vinnie Lauria | Forbes

    Alternative lending may be a new concept, but it’s one that is seeing quick and eager adoption all over Asia.

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  • Fintech & Alternative Finance Plays a Big Role in the next phase of growth

    10 - 02 - 2017 | JD Alois | Crowdfund Insider

    Singapore’s Committee on Future Economy (CFE) has identified seven strategies for Singapore’s next stage of growth in its report, and it has emphasized the positive impact of Fintech/Alternative Finance.

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  • SMEs take cue for deep change

    30 - 01 - 2017 | Marissa Lee | The Straits Times

    SMEs are recognizing that a downbeat economy might be the best time to carry out deep change. Thus more working capital and funds are needed for the growth of SMEs in Singapore.

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  • When investing meets technology

    26 - 12 - 2016 | Khairani Afifi Noordin and Maxine Yong | The Edge Markets

    Technology is changing the way we invest. The emergence of financial technology (fintech) platforms has provided investors with innovative ways to manage their wealth.

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  • Singapore: MAS to streamline regulations to spur Fintech innovation

    29 - 11 - 2016 | Shiwen Yap | Deal Street Asia

    MAS of Singapore is creating a complete framework for regulation in order to enable innovation in fintech.

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  • Singapore bank lending reaches 9-month high in August, though year on year decline continues

    30 - 09 - 2016 | Ann Williams | The Straits Times

    Bank loans continue falling as the new emerging market for alternative finance.

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  • Collaboration between Banks and Fintech Companies

    24 - 08 - 2016 | No Author | Global Capital

    Banks and Fintech companies are realising that their best prospects lie in working together.

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  • DPM urges banks to continue support for innovation in SMEs

    18 - 08 - 2016 | Vivien Shiao | The Business Times

    The Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore Tharman Shanmugaratnam supports the growth in SMEs and expects to help them to be competitive.

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  • In race to be Asia’s fintech hub, Singapore leads Hong Kong

    04 - 07 - 2016 | Saeed Azhar And Marius Zaharia | Reuters

    Hong Kong is “not moving fast enough” while Singapore is rushing to reinvent itself as Asia’s financial technology hub.

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  • Crowdfunding craze: Gold rush all over again?

    05 - 06 - 2016 | Jacqueline Woo | The Straits Times

    Higher returns are a big draw for small-time investors, but there’s little recourse if things go wrong.

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  • Investing out of the box

    29 - 05 - 2016 | Lorna Tan | The Straits Times

    Alternative investments, with low correlation to stocks and bonds, can be a good way to diversify.

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  • How Peer-to-Peer Lending Can Help SMEs

    13 - 04 - 2016 | Marcus Chua | Dollars and Sense

    Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME) in Singapore are presumed to be unsexy, boring and tasteless. These are common thoughts…

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  • Three Recent Financial Innovations That Can Make You Money

    28 - 03 - 2016 | Allan Smith | Huffington Post

    Peer-to-peer lending is one of the three financial innovations that can make you money.

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  • UOB Invests In Peer-To-Peer Lending Platform

    09 - 03 - 2016 | Timothy Ho | Dollars and Sense

    UOB announced that they would invest S$14 million into a global equity P2P lending platform.

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  • Why income investors should consider peer-to-peer lending

    17 - 02 - 2016 | Philip van Doorn | Market Watch

    The emergence of peer lending has also created a new investment opportunity for income-seeking investors.

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  • Talking P2P with Capital Match’s Pawel Kuznicki

    12 - 02 - 2016 | Oliver | Future Bank

    Read Capital Match’s CEO Pawel Kuznicki’s answers to five questions about P2P and Capital Match.

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  • Alternative finance for 2016: what are your options?

    19 - 01 - 2016 | No Author | Business Matters

    As many businesses start the year with a clean slate and new business hopes and aspirations, 2016 is set to be another year of growth for the alternative finance market.

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  • Peer-to-Peer Lending Is Set to Explode

    05 - 01 - 2016 | John Mauldin | Forbes

    With banks tightening their lending standards, online peer-to-peer lending platforms are enjoying a huge opportunity.

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  • 2 Ways to Get Investment Income in a Low-Return Environment

    07 - 12 - 2015 | Brian Lowrance | NerdWallet

    Two investments are worth considering in today’s low-return, low-interest-rate environment.

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  • Lack of credit risk data is key challenge to SME lending

    26 - 11 - 2015 | Shiwen Yap | Deal Street Asia

    With the growing interest in financial technology (fintech), peer-to-peer payment platforms are attracting the attention as an avenue for investment

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  • Is P2P the Future of Lending

    24 - 11 - 2015 | Alex Conde | BetaKit

    Enthusiasm about the growth potential of P2P lending in the next few years

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  • P2P Lending Is Profitable, Even In A Recession

    09 - 11 - 2015 | Val Katayev | Tech Crunch

    If the P2P lending industry survived this perfect storm during its infancy, it would be the place to invest

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  • Internet Peer-to-Peer lenders offer savings rates that are peerless

    10 - 10 - 2015 | Patrick Collinson | The Guardian

    Why you should take the plunge with Peer-to-Peer lending

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  • Capital Match raises S$1mil Series A round

    18 - 08 - 2015 | Digital News Asia

    SINGAPORE-based Capital Match Holdings Pte Ltd, which operates a peer-to-peer online lending platform, said it has raised S$1 million (about US$713,000) in its Series A round of venture financing.

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  • Singapore's Capital Match raises US$710K to enable small business lending

    17 - 08 - 2015 | Michael Tegos | Tech in Asia

    Singapore-based Capital Match has raised S$1 million (US$710,000) in a series A funding round, the P2P lending startup announced today.

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  • P2P lending platform Capital Match raises S$1m Series A round led by Innosight Ventures

    17 - 08 - 2015 | Joji Thomas Philip | Deal Street Asia

    Singapore-based peer-to-peer lending platform - Capital Match - has raised S$1 million in a series A round led by local venture capital firm Innosight Ventures.

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  • P2P lending a new avenue for investors

    14 - 07 - 2015 | Tho Li Ming and Sim Wei Shaun | The Edge Markets

    Peer-to-peer lending is becoming a formidable asset class

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  • Capital Match looks to play matchmaker for SMEs seeking loans

    06 - 07 - 2015 | Benjamin Cher | Digital News Asia

    Banks in Singapore still hesitant to issue loans to SMEs

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  • New Singapore-based P2B Platform Launches

    19 - 05 - 2015 | Georgina McCreadie | AltFi

    Capital Match, a new peer-to-business platform, has launched in Singapore

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  • Peer-to-peer lending firm eyes expansion abroad

    07 - 05 - 2015 | Jacqueline Woo | The Straits Times

    Peer-to-peer lending opportunity in South-East Asia

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  • Crowdlending provides new financing option for SMEs

    17 - 04 - 2015 | Jacquelyn Cheok | The Business Times

    Crowdlending gets big response in Singapore

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  • New startup brings P2P loans to Singapore's small businesses

    17 - 04 - 2015 | Michael Tegos | Tech in Asia

    Peer-to-peer lending online marketplace to SMEs in Singapore

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  • Online matchmakers catch investors' eye

    15 - 04 - 2015 | Oliver Jones | AsianInvestor

    The strong growth of two Singapore-based online platforms is pointing to a greater role for technology in sourcing alternative assets and putting investors in touch with fund managers and businesses.

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  • Singapore based P2P lending platform Capital Match goes live

    15 - 04 - 2015 | No Author | Finextra

    Launch of Capital Match, a homegrown Singapore-based peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform that helps Singapore SMEs obtain loans financed by individual investors

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  • Singapore P2P Lender Capital Match Launches: Targets SMEs

    15 - 04 - 2015 | Erin Hobey | Crowdfund Insider

    VC backed Capital Match launches - aims to make short term business financing simple by crowdsourcing loans

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  • This Singapore startup aims to make short-term biz loans simple

    14 - 04 - 2015 | Joji Thomas Philip | DealStreetAsia

    VC backed Capital Match launches - aims to make short term business financing simple by crowdsourcing loans

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  • Capital Match: Singapore's peer-to-peer lending fintech

    16 - 03 - 2015 | Gerald Poh | SG Wealth Builder

    Interview with Pawel Kuznicki in SG Wealth Builder

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  • Peer-to-peer lending is growing in popularity with investors

    13 - 03 - 2015 | Dean Graziosi | The Huffington Post

    Investors seeing great value and benefits in peer-to-peer lending

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  • Pawel Kuznicki, Director & Co-founder of Capital Match

    04 - 03 - 2015 | Callum Laing | The Asian Entrepreneur

    Interview with Pawel Kuznicki in The Asian Entrepreneur

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  • Why peer-to-peer lending is such a threat to banks

    10 - 02 - 2015 | Karl Flinders | Computer Weekly

    Lending clubs increasingly on the rise

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  • Alibaba and Lending Club to form financing partnership

    03 - 02 - 2015 | Michael J.De La Merced | The New York Times

    Large online players teaming up with marketplace lending platforms

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  • Marketplace lending is doing what banks can't

    18 - 01 - 2015 | David Klein | Crowdfund Insider

    Marketplace lending can reach out to the underserved market better

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    11 - 07 - 2019 | Press Release

    Following its successful merger, Capital Match announces new management structure as it consolidates its position as the leader in SME financing in the region

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  • SESAMi and Capital Match announce a merger to form an innovative supply chain finance platform with more than S$20m in annual revenues

    07 - 11 - 2018 | Press Release

    SESAMi (Holding) (“SESAMi”), the largest e-procurement platform in Singapore, and Capital Match Holdings (“Capital Match”), the leading invoice financing platform present in Singapore and Hong Kong, have announced they are joining forces through an equity merger.

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  • Capital Match, Neat partner on SME finances

    05 - 10 - 2018 | Press Release

    Capital Match and SME current account platform Neat announce a tighter partnership between the two

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  • Capital Match Series-B funding oversubscribed

    25 - 01 - 2018 | Press Release

    Series-B funding oversubscribed, led by B Capital Group

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  • Capital Match Opens to Accredited Investors Globally

    26 - 05 - 2017 | Press Release

    Opens to Accredited Investors with the addition of a custodian trust account

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  • Capital Match Raises Series-A Investment

    17 - 08 - 2015 | Press Release

    Announcement of Series-A Investment led by Innosight Ventures

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  • Capital Match launches peer-to-peer platform

    14 - 04 - 2015 | Press Release

    We are pleased to announce the launch of Capital Match

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