Dear Investors,

With the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Capital Match team has been fully committed to ensure that interest of our trusted partners and investors are protected. With that in mind, Capital Match has taken several key measures to address important feedback that has been provided during the past months:

Clarification of Regulatory Status

From our interactions with some investors, we understand there has been some confusion regarding the regulatory status of Capital Match Platform. Hence to address this, we would like to clarify that Capital Match is not a Monetary Authority of Singapore regulated entity, and invoice financing is an activity which is unregulated by MAS according to the Securities and Future Act (SFA).

Platform Enhancement

On top of the additional measures put in place in the form of stringent credit assessment and credit monitoring during this turbulent period, Capital Match has also taken this opportunity to build on its existing capabilities. We have made the following improvements to our platform:

Clearer Breakdowns on Investor's Facilities

We have enhanced the platform to breakdown investors' outstanding facilities into the various segments. These segments are namely, 'not due', 'due soon', 'in progress', 'in arrears'and 'bad debt'. Each of these segments have a detailed description which would allow investors to better be able to identify the current statuses of their invested facilities.

Analytics Function on Non Performing Loan (NPL) Rates and Expected Rate of Returns

Furthermore, we will also be implementing a new enhancement in our analytics page which would outline the performance and track record of facilities disbursed during the year. The main metrics highlighted includes rate of return as well as the breakdown in delayed facilities.

If you have any other enquiries or any feedback, please feel free to contact us at or our hotline at +65 9429 9471.