February, 2020


Dear Investors,

2019 has been a year of great change for Capital Match. The M&A with SESAMi Holding, one of Singapore’s largest e-Procurement Platform, at the tail end of 2018 has brought along hugely positive impact to Capital Match. As a key electronic transaction hub, SESAMi’s large volume of transaction on its platform along with long list of marquee buyers and suppliers would seek to provide an additional boost to Capital Match’s origination volume and provide investors with a greater range and quantity of products to come.

This M&A has also garnered the attention and support of financial institutions around the region. In November 2019, we are also pleased to announce our partnership with Commerce International Merchant Bankers (CIMB) Bank. This partnership seeks to highlight the confidence that a top tier financial institution has in our operation, systems and processes.
In the 2nd half of 2019, Pawel decided to leave Capital Match for personal reasons. Although his presence will be dearly missed, we wish him all the best in his endeavours. With his departure, I have assumed the role of CEO of Capital Match. With my experience running SESAMi Group, I hope to bring new perspective and insights to Capital Match and allow it to grow to new heights.

Despite the challenging past year, we are pleased to report that Capital Match has emerged stronger and better. As of 22 Jan 2020, we have funded a total of S$179,345,879 in transaction volume and we are looking to grow even stronger in the years to come. Earmarked in the following sections are what we plan to do moving ahead, as we seek grow from strength to strength.


Leveraging on SESAMi’s capabilities, we will be introducing a new suite of products for investors as well as improvements to our current competencies.
Supply Chain Financing

Why Supply Chain Financing?

Supply Chain Financing involves working directly with SESAMi’s top tier buyers like Singtel, SATS Catering, Singapore Industrial Airlines (SIA), National University of Singapore, National Healthcare Group, to name a few, and tapping into their supply chain for financing.

What does this mean for investors?

Increased Credibility – Supply Chain Financing involves liaising directly with buyers to finance their suppliers. With financing being conducted on a full notified basis. Payments can be monitored on a transparent level through direct communication with the buyer. This allows us to capitalise on the credit worthiness of these top tier buyer.

Invoice Financing

Invoice Financing has been our main bread and butter for past few years since inception. With the merger with SESAMi, this has given rise to new opportunities for us.

What does this mean for Investors?

Larger Volume – Tapping into the extensive pool of suppliers on SESAMi means more facilities will be available for financing on the platform

Increased Credibility – SESAMi Suppliers who will be financed have undergone strict screening processes and have been approved by SESAMi buyers like Singtel, SATS, etc.


Through the year 2019, we have received various investor feedback on how we can better our platform and operation. At Capital Match, we have internalised these comments and are looking to implement several new processes to improve investor experience:

Adoption of Credit Module

With our add-on credit module, facilities will be live tracked to allow us to easily identify where facilities are in their various stages. Additionally, funding ceilings will be set up internally by our credit team to limit CM’s exposure to each seller.

Improving our Recovery Process

In our on going effort to address future delayed facilities, Capital Match will be introducing a new and improved Default Event Protocol (DEP) based on the recommendation of our board and legal advisers. With our new DEP, this indicates the specific steps that we will be taking based on specific time-based triggers.

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Investor Management Procedures

Based on the invaluable investor feedback received, Capital Match will look to further engage investors. With our revamped investor management protocol, interactions with investors will be more dynamic and frequent when it comes to provision of updates and follow up actions needed for delayed facilities.

Key Highlights

Regular Updates - Updates will be provided to investors on a systematic basis from when facilities are past grace period till repayment is made or further actions are required.

Investor Empowerment – Investors interactions moving forward will involve investors more in follow-up actions they will prefer to be taken by Capital Match for delayed facilities. Our agency agreement will be updated to reflect the above changes.

For investors who are keen on exploring other debt products, CM Advisers Pte. Ltd. is another channel that offers a variety of debt products ranging from secured, asset backed loans to unsecured term loans to reliable corporate borrowers.

Who are the products for

Deals are catered towards institutional investors and sophisticated high net worth accredited investors, with typical deal sizes of $1m and above with a minimum investment amount of $10,000.

Debt products offered:

Secured Loans (Property and other
asset backed loans)

Working Capital Loans

Purchase Order Financing

How to be a part of CMA Community?

As a MAS regulated entity, to be a part of CMA, you would need to provide accredited investor (AI) proof to show that you have met specific requirements for net asset value or annual income.