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Get Invoice Financing in Singapore quickly and easily.

Get paid earlier with invoice financing on your receivables.
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Advanced Amount
S$5,000 - S$2,000,000
Repayment Period
From 1 week to 4 months
Interest Rate
Conveniently prorated weekly
Advance Rate
What is Invoice Financing?
  1. Sell unpaid invoices to Capital Match
  2. Receive up to 90% of the invoice value
  3. When your customer pays, we collect outstanding balance
  4. Remaining amount is available to you immediately
  • Speed - Disbursement in 24 hours
  • Flexibility - Decide which invoices to finance
  • Accessibility - Financing secured by receivables This means that even if you do not qualify for bank facilities you can still get financing with Capital Match
Who Qualifies
How it Works
How to Apply
Who Qualifies for Invoice Financing?
  • Any B2B Company
  • With pending Purchase Orders or Invoices
  • Incorporated in Singapore
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We have experienced rapid growth with a move to a much larger warehouse and acquisition of a few large accounts. We needed working capital to finance the growth, however, due to heavy investments banks did not want to help us.

Capital Match provided us with much needed financing in a short timeframe.
Jimmy, Director
LZOC Marine & Logistics
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