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  • Relationship Manager

    Write to us if you have experience in sales of financial products to SMEs and you are looking for a new challenge, in a good working atmosphere.
    You would be responsible for managing and servicing your own portfolio of accounts, developing and managing a network of SME consultants, brokers and RMs.

    Write to us at and mention "CM RM opening" in your email subject.

  • Software Engineer

    We are looking for a software engineer interested in all aspects of the creation, growth and operations of a secure web-based platform: Front-end design and implementation, front-to-back features development, distributed deployment and automation in the cloud, build and test automation, etc.

    Write to us at and mention "CM SE opening" in your email subject.

  • Management Associate Internship

    Students and graduates from the best schools are invited to join the Management Associate Internship program. We can offer an exposure to all aspects of running a company. We require excellence in delivering the projects, perfect attention to details, and great passion to learn. All majors will be considered.

    Write to us at and mention "CM MA opening" in your email subject.