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We are building a better financial world

Capital Match

Capital Match is a peer-to-peer lending and invoice financing platform for SMEs in Southeast Asia. We provide SMEs with affordable working capital from professional investors through an online platform.

Capital Match was established in 2014 with a mission to "build a better financial world" by creating a more inclusive channel for companies to access debt financing and for investors to generate strong fixed-income returns.

Capital Match's purpose is to serve its two groups of customers:

1. Borrowers:

To provide an alternative access to a large pool of debt capital outside of banks for growth and working capital needs at an affordable cost

2. Investors:

To provide attractive lending opportunities characterized by short term commitment and low minimum capital requirement while managing credit risk to ensure capital preservation



Pawel Kuznicki

Founder and CEO

Pawel is responsible for overall company management, SMEs relations and partnerships. He is an experienced Internet executive having built Zalora and Lazada in Southeast Asia with Rocket Internet. Previously he was a management consultant with McKinsey & Company working on projects in Europe and Africa. Pawel was born in Poland, educated in the UK and moved to Singapore in early 2012. Outside of work, he enjoys practicing sports.

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Angela Chan

General Counsel

As Capital Match's General Counsel, Angela handles all regulatory and legal matters with an emphasis on financial products and banking. Prior to joining Capital Match, Angela has worked in Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong, under the largest organisations - including law firms, banks and hedge funds. She holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) UK, and a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting). Angela is a traveling enthusiast, and like her brother, who also works at Capital Match, is a self-proclaimed foodie.

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Konrad Tomaszewski

Director of Operations

Konrad brings to Capital Match his experience in start-up operations, business development, financial analysis and planning. He has worked with one of the strongest ecommerce brands in South East Asia, being involved with start-up financial strategy development, and business intelligence. Konrad has a propensity for cultural diversity having lived and worked in Europe, Africa, and Asia Pacific.

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Tobias Fischer

Director of Corporate Development

Tobias oversees platform development and is responsible for institutional investments, new products and expansion. Having worked for Rocket Internet’s peer-to-peer lending platform and Startupbootcamp FinTech Singapore, Tobias brings in extensive knowledge in alternative lending and financial technology to drive rapid growth for Capital Match. Tobias advises the Asian Development Bank (ADB), holds the insurance broker license and a bachelor degree in finance and economics.

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Amar Potghan

Software Engineer

Amar is responsible for advancements on the Capital Match platform by closely working with the software engineering team. He is a computer engineering graduate and has 5 years of software engineering experience. He has worked in many domains including banking, finance, retail, marketing, media publishing, etc. in solving programming problems, with recent tenures at Thoughtworks and other global software consultancy firms. He is passionate about exploring new ways to design and develop reusable abstractions using various programming techniques.

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Guo Liang Oon

Software Engineer

Guo Liang is a developer who does a good job at building applications and occasionally writes very good code. He is responsible for all aspects of the smooth running of the Capital Match Lending Platform and further improvements to the user experience. He enjoys among many things the outdoors, rock climbing, mathematics, and philosophy.

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Capital Match ended 2015 as Singapore's largest P2P lending and invoice financing company. Are you ready to catch the new wave of digital innovation in the finance industry of lending? Join thousands of investors already registered on our platform and register with us.