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Capital Match

Capital Match is a peer-to-peer lending and invoice financing platform for SMEs in Southeast Asia. We provide SMEs with affordable working capital from professional investors through an online platform.

Capital Match was established in 2014 with a mission to "build a better financial world" by creating a more inclusive channel for companies to access debt financing and for investors to generate strong fixed-income returns.

Capital Match's purpose is to serve its two groups of customers:

1. Borrowers:

To provide an alternative access to a large pool of debt capital outside of banks for growth and working capital needs at an affordable cost

2. Investors:

To provide attractive lending opportunities characterized by short term commitment and low minimum capital requirement while managing credit risk to ensure capital preservation

Capital Match is not regulated by MAS and invoice financing is not an activity regulated by MAS.


Singapore, 19 October 2018

Hong Kong, 12 July 2019

Singapore, 16 May 2019

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Capital Match ended 2015 as Singapore's largest P2P lending and invoice financing company. Are you ready to catch the new wave of digital innovation in the finance industry of lending? Join thousands of investors already registered on our platform and register with us.